Communication data sheet and certificates

On this page you will find the communication profiles required for all market roles, e-mail and web service addresses as well as the certificates for the signed and encrypted exchange of message files.

EDIFACT Market communication

Signature and encryption Certificates

Market role BDEW Code number 1:1 Communication address Download Certificate
Balancing group manager 9904215000006 Zertifikat
Supplier 9905575000009 Zertifikat
Betreiber Techn. Ressource (BTR) 9979733000002 Zertifikat

Exchange of timetable messages

Market role Certificate Download Certificate
Timetable exchange Zertifikat

CA-Certificate Procilon

Level Download Certificate
Root-CA Zertifikat (RootCA)
Sub-CA Zertifikat (CustomerCA)

AS4 certificates for market communication

Marktrolle BDEW Codenummer URL Download Zertifikat .cer Download Zertifikat .pem
Balancing group manager 9904215000006 44794.cer 44794.pem
Supplier 9905575000009 44793.cer 44793.pem

Communication data sheet

Market roles MaBiS Excel Download


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