Our conduct: we act according to these principles

Our Code of Conduct is based on our core values and principles. These guide us in a wide range of work situations and help us to make the right decision. 

How do we conduct ourselves towards our customers, business partners, suppliers, employees, shareholders and society as a whole? BKW’s Code of Conduct sets out 14 principles: 


  • We adhere to the law and our conduct is based on honesty, justice and fairness 
  • We respect universal human rights in all our activities  
  • We are committed to providing attractive working conditions for our employees and upholding internationally agreed labour standards 
  • Our environmental conduct is based on a precautionary approach and constant improvement 
  • We demand and support initiatives for the development and dissemination of environmentally friendly technologies  
  • We follow the same values and principles in the digital world as we do in everyday life in the physical world  
  • We process our business, material and personal data correctly and ensure that it is protected 
  • We protect our assets and intellectual property 
  • We stand against any form of corruption, bribery or extortion in our business relationships  
  • We process inside information carefully and avoid insider trading  
  • Our corporate and competitive behaviour is fair and we are committed to open markets  
  • We are transparent in lobbying, political support (contributions and donations) and sponsorships  
  • We communicate proactively and transparently about topics relating to our business activities  
  • We make a significant contribution to the community