BKW’s success is based on three strategic pillars

BKW is helping to shape social change by supporting customers in meeting the challenges arising from climate change, digital transformation, and urbanization. The company’s success is based on the three strategic areas of business: Energy, Grid, and Services.

The company puts its focus on development and growth in line with market opportunities and customer needs. BKW supports its customers in coping with climate change through sustainable solutions. In addition, the individual BKW companies are committed to using their resources sparingly and to assuming responsibility as employers and business partners. As an ambitious group of companies with a strong economic foundation, BKW’s companies are united by a common approach based on three core values: entrepreneurial, collaborative, and trailblazing.

Together, the companies of the BKW Group create spaces for life – in order to preserve them for future generations.


The three-pillar strategy

The three business areas – Energy, Grid, and Services – form the basis of BKW’s strategy: The goals in a nutshell: 

  1. Gearing the energy business towards the future
  2. Developing grids
  3. Expanding services

BKW has anticipated the development of the energy market well in recent years. The transformation of the energy business is in full swing with the expansion of renewables and the growing importance of flexible production in electricity trading. Grids are the backbone of the new energy universe, reconciling consumption and generation in power production that is increasingly decentralized and volatile. Another key factor in BKW’s formula for success is the expansion of its Services business, which is opening up additional attractive growth markets. Thanks to its diversified positioning, BKW is resilient to crises and upheavals in the markets.

  • Energy

    Growth drivers

    • Rising electricity demand and price
    • Expansion of smart energy solutions
    • Strong growth in renewable energies
    • Increasing flexibility in trading

    Ready for the energy future
    BKW is continuing to develop its Energy division in line with the needs of society. This division is growing in the area of renewable energies and doing pioneering work by keeping its finger on the pulse of the times and by embracing the trailblazing spirit in both thought and action. BKW designs its production facilities to be robust and to exhibit recoverable value. The Mühleberg Nuclear Plant is being decommissioned as planned – in a manner that is safe, cost-efficient, and according to schedule.

    When it comes to energy, we think outside the box.

  • Grid

    Guarantee of stability

    • Reliable revenue generation with regulated return on capital employed (WACC 3.8%, from 2024 4.13%)
    • Efficient operation
    • Complex grid management

    Systematically digital
    BKW operates the grids reliably and efficiently so that they perform well. As the operator of Switzerland’s largest distribution grid, BKW ensures that electricity continues to flow reliably to customers in the new energy world, but also takes delivery of the electricity they produce themselves. Knowledge and many years of experience are combined with the opportunities of the digital transformation. As an infrastructure operator, BKW is also developing into an integral data expert in order to master the complexity of the future of energy.

    We are building the distribution system of the future.

  • Services

    Growth drivers

    • Need for renovation and construction of modern infrastructures
    • Increasing complexity of projects in the building sector
    • Network of competencies

    Stronger together
    BKW is expanding its range of services on an ongoing basis and designing them to be data based. The company relies on centers of expertise for the latest technologies and makes use of synergies in the network. On this basis, BKW creates decisive added value for its customers. The company drives innovation and plays a pioneering role in digital design and construction as well as in the energy efficiency of buildings and infrastructure.

    We are successful as a network.

«BKW makes a major contribution to maintaining the balance between prosperity and the environment by offering solutions in the areas of energy, buildings, and infrastructure for a future worth living.»