Towards a future with renewable energies

Shaping the future is an enormous undertaking. The market and society are demanding new solutions for a CO2-neutral world. As a high-performance group of companies with a wide range of expertise, BKW is in an excellent position to make a major contribution to societal transformation.

BKW is one of the few companies to consider infrastructure, buildings, and energy in a holistic manner. On this basis, it supports its customers in meeting the challenges posed by the key issues currently facing society: climate change, digital transformation, and urbanization.

The economy and society are closely interconnected across countries and continents. With the UN Global Compact Initiative and Agenda 2030, UN member states are seeking to work with business to advance sustainable development and seize the opportunities offered by it. Solutions to the pressing challenges of our time are needed on both a social and economic level. These solutions include combating the effects of climate change with sustainably built supply infrastructure as ell as the expansion of renewable energy production and increasing sustainability among the building stock.

BKW has proven expertise in providing solutions to major societal challenges, something that sets it apart in the market. Exhibiting mastery of complex, technical infrastructures in order to foster a sustainable future is the common thread running through all of the business activities of the company. This is true whether the enterprise is acting as a consultant, planner, operator for third parties, or owner of the plants and installations in whole or in part. Business activities in the areas of energy, buildings, and infrastructure form the basis of spaces for life:


  • Energy and water are basic needs of people and the economy. They are also what makes buildings habitable and usable in the first place. At the same time, supplying these needs on a sustainable basis is one of the keys to curbing global warming.
  • Infrastructures link people together and serve as the foundation of a functioning economy. Their design is a key part of the solution for dealing with the local consequences of global warming.
  • Sustainable buildings provide safe living spaces in both public and private environments. A modern and energy-efficient building stock is essential for economic efficiency as well as for reducing resource consumption.

With trailblazing solutions in the areas of energy, buildings, and infrastructure, BKW ensures that prosperity and the environment remain in harmony.

Climate change

BKW is addressing climate change with sustainable solutions that include wind farms and photovoltaics throughout Europe and hydroelectric plants in Switzerland. As a comprehensive energy and infrastructure service provider, BKW is committed to sustainable energy and efficient use of resources. In the future, electricity and heat will be generated in a carbon-neutral manner. 75 percent of their installed production capacity is renewable. As a pioneer in a new energy universe, BKW is building grids that bring electricity to economic and urban centers with the lowest-possible transmission losses. The company helps its customers to construct and operate their buildings in an energy-efficient manner – including their own in-house production of power through the latest generations of photovoltaic systems and electromobility.



BKW is employing its solutions to help limit the impact of climate change.

Digital transformation

Data is the key to economically and environmentally sustainable development. Buildings, bridges, and complex traffic networks are simulated virtually before construction. On this basis, the individual BKW companies minimize risks and sources of error during implementation, optimally integrate the various partners into the planning process, and accelerate implementation. The homes and offices of the future will be largely automated, and energy production and distribution accomplished using digital processes and technology. Trade and production continuously manage and align the available power volumes and demand. State-of-the-art technologies, automation processes, and methods for increasing flexibility are essential drivers on the path to the future.



For the construction of the Luterbach Maintenance Area (SO), BKW relied on Building Information Modeling (BIM).

Europe and Switzerland aim to be climate neutral by 2050. For BKW, the megatrends of climate change, digital transformation, and urbanization are creating numerous opportunities that go hand in hand with the assumption of social and corporate responsibility. In terms of infrastructure and building systems, BKW is active in important areas – both as an investor and as an owner. The company operates facilities itself or commissions partner companies to carry out services in societally relevant areas:


  • Production and distribution infrastructures that improve resource efficiency and limit the negative impacts of climate change. These include wind turbines and hydroelectric plants, flood protection systems, and technologies for early detection of leaks in freshwater supply lines.
  • Integrated systems in the area of building technology and automation for private individuals and companies. The goals are greater comfort and lower costs through optimized energy efficiency.
  • Transportation infrastructure systems for urban and rural areas, ranging from comprehensive urban planning and design of roads, bridges, and other infrastructure through to surveying services.
  • Design and construction of technical building equipment for commercial and industrial installations, including production plants and public sector facilities such as rail stations, airports, and hospitals.

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